Internet Marketing Strategies

When I was a more youthful strapping lad, I invested the large majority of my time playing video-games. The kind of video-games that I took pleasure in playing the most in particular, however, were real-time tactical dry run (such as Starcraft: Brood War, which ironically foreshadowed how I would ultimately mature to choose a career in strategic work).

I dedicated so much of my life and got so good at them that I eventually ended up playing in three various world champions with real cash and the possibility of professional agreements at stake. I never ever made it to the status of full pro, but I was certainly thought about amateur, which meant that I had the ability to rank as much better than practically 98% of all other gamers worldwide at that game.

After playing online for a while, I eventually found that the more hardcore neighborhoods that I ultimately became initiated in had developed either their own terminology, or borrowed real military terms, in order to convey deep saturated meaning very quickly and widely to colleagues as we ‘d evaluate replays of games that we ‘d play, in order to evaluate why we had lost certain matches, and why we ‘d won others. This would help us to reason about our weaknesses and how we would innovate better practicing approaches to enhance our skill and win/loss ratio for accomplishing greater competitive brackets.

2 terms that come to mind that are really equally appropriate to Web marketing technique even today are “Micro” and “Macro”.
Micro Strategies

As it would be pertinent to the video game, “micro” tactics were about how you wielded troops in the heat of the moment to square-off against your opponent’s troops. The typical player would believe that if you had 10 soldiers to your opponent’s 20, that you were guaranteed to lose. Most of the times, this held true, however the more skillful gamers that I became connected with had a very various take on it.

We ‘d say that if you had sufficient micro, you could definitely win every fight you ever entered if you made sure to position your soldiers properly on the best terrain, upgrade their armor and attack damage effectively, memorize and utilize the right formations that would profit from your soldiers’ distinctions in attack rates, and more as it would relate to the short-term technique to acquiring advantages over your challenger that would lead to winning the game.

Micro, as it would translate to real life ancient warfare, would be the ability of a military general to combat, arrange soldiers, and essentially duel.
Macro Technique

On the other hand, a player’s ability in “Macro” was the art and science of handling your base while your soldiers were off-screen. How you handled resources, unit production, infrastructural defense, and the growth of new bases throughout the map as these all would refer to the bird’s eye view of the long-lasting approach to winning the video game.

Macro, as it would translate to real life ancient warfare, would be the ability of a military general’s broad view vision for success.
Stabilizing Micro and Macro

While the closer you concerned ending up being an expert at the video game, the more well-rounded you became at both elements of ability in it. However no matter who you were, it was just natural for any given gamer to be a minimum of simply a bit better at one than the other.

If a player was significantly much better at one than the other, then their win/lose ratio tended not to be excellent. Much in the exact same method that UFC fighters cannot be good at just stand without being likewise proficient at ground fighting; they need to be competent at both.

This is because, if you were so good at micro, however lousy at macro, then, sure, you may be able to win a few fights within the match with a couple of soldiers you produced at the start of the game, however if you had actually been ignoring your infrastructure and technology, your opponent would ultimately overcome you mid- to late-game just by the sheer numbers and power of their systems that they might standardize in a manner that you couldn’t.

On the other hand, the idea is the exact same for somebody who is exponentially much better at macro however not micro: if you focus entirely on developing your base but you’re bad at organizing your soldiers, you’ll lose battle after fight in the match. Even if you can standardize more units than your challenger can, they’ll eventually overcome you like the fewer Spartans did the bigger group of Persians.

One is yin; the other is yang. And you require both in order to be total.
Micro and Macro For Strategic Company Marketing

So how does any of this connect to business marketing?

… it carries out in every method.

If your organisation were to be considered a kingdom, then you are the king as the CEO, and your employees (even if you are your only employee) would be the equivalent to your army, and your prospective consumers would represent the market share that you ‘d like to dominate.

Your “macro”, in this case, would transform into your big-picture vision and prepare for the company, along with your capability to produce quality content for its marketing.

Your “micro” would transform into your capability to perform your strategy in real-time, with strategies such as paid marketing and guest blogging as your tactics.

If you’re terrific at macro in this regard, however not micro, you may create a possibly iconic brand name with a terrific product to offer, however that does not imply that you’ll win the fights you have to conquer market show reliable use of micro techniques. Your brand name will mean nothing if you have little to no outreach resulting in nobody understanding about it, and you’ll ultimately go out of business as you’re beaten by rivals who are better at micro than you are.

If you’re great at micro, but not macro, you may be able to be a whiz at paid marketing with incredibly high engagement rates on social media (for one example out of numerous), but your advertising would lead your target audience to a business that doesn’t engage them on an individual level and/or offer quality product and services that would ultimately render your expert marketing worthless in the long-lasting, and might really have the opposite result as people give your business bad reviews that spread like wildfire because your excellent micro strategies help to spread out word about your company.

Similar to in real-time strategy war games, you (or at least the marketing team that you construct for your business) have to be proficient at both, with absolutely no exceptions or reasons for having a significant deficit of capability in either on

4 Internet Marketing Tips

Bring Your Franchise Website Into 2017

If your franchise has actually had the exact same site for years, it might be time for a make over. If users land on-site and get the sense that they have actually been transferred back to the late 90s, you’re probably scaring away a great deal of prospects.

But this technique surpasses creating a pretty site. For finest outcomes, your franchise site need to offer a structured user experience that makes essential details prominent and drives call-to-action conversions. At ClickTecs, our web development service includes contemporary research study on online mapping and eye-tracking to make sure that your site looks and performs like an innovative modern property.

Older websites take pleasure in some SEO advantages in terms of their recognized online standing, however freshly created pages have a number of unique advantages. Don’t let worry of change hold you back from increased mobile-friendliness, boosted security functions, and much better loading times.
Invest In Your Franchise Website’s Material

Advertising is an essential part of your overall internet marketing strategy, however the value of useful and pertinent content can not be overstated. This has actually never ever been truer in 2017, as smart customers improve at tuning out outright advertisements and even installing ad-blockers. Content marketing is a fantastic way to reach these audiences because it rewards them with important information whenever they engage with your brand name.

This gets more eyes on your site and constructs a positive association with your business. Additionally, quality material can establish your authority in a particular industry or niche market, giving you a guilt-free platform to showcase your service’s knowledge base. Establishing your know-how in this way is important for new franchises attempting to build a reputation.
Coordinate Online And Offline Marketing Campaigns

Another marketing technique franchise owners ought to embrace in 2017 includes manufacturing their online and offline efforts. Both leaflets and web banner advertisements can be reliable on their own, however their impact increase greatly when they reinforce each other. To puts it simply, your online marketing ought to support your offline efforts, collaborating each in a way that guarantees you are pressing one clear message, rather than mobilizing campaigns that effectively take on one another.
Tame The Social Media Beast

For old-school franchise owners, social networks can seem like a gigantic waste of time. However, with over 900+ million individuals thumbing through their social media feeds every day, social media represents among the very best methods to get your brand name message to the masses. Rather than shying away from the social media beast, why not tame it and put it to work for your organisation?

2 Unique Tips On Internet Marketing

Identifying the strategies that target your local consumer base

For this post, we’re going to determine 2 efficient internet marketing methods with the small business owner in mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re a baker, butcher or candlestick maker, these methods are all viable resources for accomplishing the following:

Increasing your business exposure to a larger audience
Engaging a larger audience as part of your online growth technique
Increasing your capacity for sales conversion

1. Leveraging “Google My Organisation or Google Places” To Target a Regional Consumer Base

Google My Service is everything about increasing the visibility of your business within a minimal geographical area. If you only take one idea far from this short article, make it this one; it’s getting significantly difficult to make an impact in an area without it. 43% of searches within Google are local in intent, in this case significance that prospective clients are trying to find your service within your area.

You can likewise consist of the other significant search engines, such as Bing in this strategy (and ought to do!), but for the sake of brevity I’ll focus on Google and you can move the concept across to the appropriate services after you’ve tackled this one.

How does this increase the visibility of your brand name to a local consumer base? When searching for a particular town, city or county, Google Places are generally the leading outcomes (now decreased from 7 to 3) and there’s a direct connection in between the importance of your Google Places entry and the search position of your website.

Under a lot of situations, they are noted above all natural outcomes
Your contact number is consisted of, along with a direct connect to your site
Your business location is marked on the map
Company associated images are displayed

The Advantages Of Google Places For Organisation

Double the exposure– Google Plus Local pages offer a capacity for two outcomes on page among Google. Let that a person sink in for a moment; 2 outcomes for the searcher to click on that puts you leagues ahead of the competitors. Picture being at number one in both Places and the natural results and the boost in both direct exposure and click-through rate that can create.

Increased trust via testimonial and evaluations– because Google Places allows previous consumers to review you, utilizing an unbiased score and review system, testimonial placed here is typically viewed as trustworthy. After all, it remains in Googles benefits to weed out deceitful company owner who prefer to invest an afternoon producing phony represent fake reviews.

It’s under your control– So many marketing chances today are operated on an automated basis, to the point where a basic change of organisation address involves limitless e-mails to a directory site who’s owner does not update. Google Places For Business is entirely editable at all times, even if some modifications need review prior to they become live.
How to optimise Google Places for best results

, bear this one point in mind at all times. Your contact information– for example, company name, address, post code and links– ought to be the exact same for every entry you make on the web, no matter where.

Citations make up 25% of the total regional search ‘score’ and the aim is to constantly provide complete, not partial, citations for optimal effect.
Why are citations so crucial?

Citations assist clients discover you
They are an important part of regional online search engine optimisation elements, because online search engine rely on the consistency of lead to provide the best results.

Ok, so let’s begin optimizing that account!

Do not go all spammy on me; you just need to discuss this a handful of times within the description of your service. Write for humans, not browse engines.

DO NOT puts them within the title, unless they become part of your official service name. Eventually, Google will lunge out of the darkness and drag your listing to hell for trying to video game/ spam the system. Keep quite to constructing your brand; if your business is called ‘Italiano’s’, do not be calling yourself ‘Stone Baked Pizza’.

Set your service location– anecdotal advice is to set your area as a main physical area, rather than a radius. The radius setting waters down the effect a little, with less possibility of a strong position. From previous experience, the position of your Google Places account appears to tally up with the health of your site SEO, so if you remain in the top slot already, by all means experiment.

Categories– first off, make certain you’ve got your primary classification first. Select as lots of classifications as you think pertain to your to your company; the more the merrier and it can give additional direct exposure.

Imagery– a decent image is worth a thousand words and Google Places puts them in a prominent position. If you have a classy dining establishment that looks fantastic in pictures, this is going to attract more consumers to your fine dining experience than any amount of gushing prose.

Be complete– if it asks you to fill it in, wherever humanely possible, fill it in. Another mention for citations, since as we discussed, the more total the information the more the search engines have to latch onto. This standard contact details is going to equal everywhere.
2. Citations & Directory Listings

Remember me mentioning citations earlier? Directory sites form an essential part of cohesive citations across the web; a big quantity of that regional SEO effect originates from this, so pay attention!

What we’re not going to do is place an advert on each and every single directory site out there. With a past history of link farms and the newer thin material charges, selecting the directory site for your listing has to be finished with a vital eye.

Quality over amount is the name of the game, so we’ll concentrate on those directories that have a sense of quality, which naturally have the tendency to be the ones with a strong public branded image. A varied link profile is an ultra fundamental part of a modern back linking profile.

The greatest directory site entries are the ones that are both pertinent to your market and relied on
Points to keep in mind when utilizing directories as part of your internet marketing methods

Directories provide both paid and complimentary listings. Paid listings are frequently given more direct exposure within the directory but the free listing still has great worth.
Never ever utilize a directory site that demands a ‘mutual link’ from your site; as a concept, this is dead in the water and contravenes the google webmaster guidelines
As in the past, be total. The same contact info throughout the web is absolutely vital.
Resist the urge to pepper keywords in the anchor titles, i.e. the link within the directory site that results in your listing. Branding is crucial, because SEO methods alter as time goes on.
If the directory site in question allows you to write a prolonged description then use it– however do not bore your possible visitors to death! Vary your descriptions to prevent falling nasty of replicate content problems.
As in Google Places, strong images is a huge seller, so utilize it to finest benefit.

Some excellent examples of directory sites you need to be in are:

Thomson Local
Touch Local

Consider using a spent for service to deal with whatever from one dashboard. Moz Resident is making good headway and is incredibly easy to use, evaluating issue areas and replicate content.
Leveraging local directories

Occasionally, you’ll discover hand curated regional directory sites. These might specify to your place; certainly, the connect to the area are usually gotten up by the online search engine as relevant to your listing and give a percentage of lift. Have actually a checked out the site material first– if it’s strained with marketing and useless material, prevent it.

Short VS Long Term Internet Marketing Strategies

One of the enjoyable things about the early days of internet marketing was that nearly everything seemed to occur quickly. You put a website or ad online, promoted it, and could be examining the outcomes within hours.

There is still an element of pleasure principle to working on the web, however the procedure of creating websites, planning projects, placing advertisements, and (particularly) examining results has actually begun to extend. And so, we have actually reached a point where online marketing has pertained to represent traditional marketing, because organisations have to stabilize brief and long-term techniques if they wish to get the best results.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a couple of methods you can get the most from both …

Short-term Strategies Ought to Lead to Instantaneous Feedback

If you’re merely planning to enhance leads and sales, there are variety of ways you can engage with purchasers that can settle quickly. In particular, PPC ads, and discount codes, and email blasts are all effective for helping you to reach large numbers of targeted buyers and have them (hopefully) react within minutes or hours.

The disadvantage to these strategies, nevertheless, is that as soon as they have been carried out, they don’t have much staying power. Your bulk of your email reactions will show up in the very first day or more, and discount codes generally come with an expiration date. In the same way, many purchasers aren’t going to return again after clicking your online ad. They’ll decide to engage or not, then carry on.
Longer Term Activities Help You Grow Your Base of Customers

On the other end of the scale come search engine optimization, social networks publishing, and list-building activities. These rarely help you include any instant income, but they do make it possible for you to cast a much larger web and draw in buyers who might stick with you for several years to come.

We all know by now that seo can take weeks or months before lots of brand-new visitors begin appearing. Social posting builds brand awareness and customer loyalty, however is typically inefficient in a transactional sense. And including names to your e-mail subscriber list (usually through free details products) does not help you get money now, but makes it possible for you to obtain more actions later on.
Bringing Short and Long Term Techniques Together

When trying to identify your focus, and develop campaigns that work, it’s important to take note of the short-term and the long-term.

Without short-term advertisements, e-mails, and purchaser rewards, it’s incredibly tough to turn your fans and subscribers into paying consumers. All services run on earnings, and short-term techniques put cash in your pocket.

At the same time, longer-term methods are had to make those short-term projects more effective. The more customers you have, and the more visitors you can bring to your website, the more lucrative your service becomes over time. So, you do not wish to focus so firmly on revenue that you lose out on larger locations of growth.

Preferably, both parts of your project should work together and sync, reinforcing each other so that you’re always creating brand-new sales, but that the pattern for those sales is on an upward arc from one month to the next. If that’s not occurring in your service, then possibly it’s time to work with an innovative group who can push you in the best instructions. Call or email us today to see how we can help!

Ways to Maximize Your Mobile Marketing Possible

As more and more individuals access the internet from their cell phones, the importance of mobile marketing boosts. How should mobile gadgets change your marketing techniques?

The top guideline in mobile marketing is to never ever spam. This is the quickest method to not just lose existing clients, but to guarantee that your marketing projects cannot reach brand-new ones. Spam is a significant problem in marketing and individuals who are perceived to send it lose a lot of trustworthiness.

Make sure that you offer your clients a simple method to opt out of mobile marketing messages. Choices such as codes to text to be removed from a distribution list make interaction easy. Even if consumers opt to stop getting mobile messages, they will likely bear in mind that you made it simple and be more susceptible to choose back in if they see the value in your messages.

When sending out messages for mobile marketing, let your customers know that you are sending out messages for an unique mobile marketing promotion. You may need to produce your very own excitement about it by producing leaflets and submitting news release. It does not matter how you get the word out as long as it gets out.

Incorporate your mobile marketing campaign with other media outlets. Mobile marketing works best when combined together with external sources. Make sure you have particular mobile landing pages for each mobile banner. You would likewise need to integrate a Quick Response code to own traffic to that website. Integrating your resources make your chances endless.

You need to remember that in order to receive something from your subscribers you have to offer to them. Attempt offering some kind of incentive. This can be special access to appropriate details, unique mobile material, or even some coupons to assist increase their take rates and your subscribers’ participation.

Avoid anything in mobile marketing that seems too simple. You can be sure that something’s wrong with it if it seems like it may be really simple to carry out. Naturally, we’re discussing mobile-specific things here, like apps and formatted websites. A great deal of advertisements and e-mail methods are universal, so do not stress on that front.

Try to incorporate your mobile marketing with the other online resources that you utilize. Make sure your marketing projects are incorporated together and work appropriately with all other promotional efforts if you have Facebook, Google, or Twitter. Mention your mobile marketing on all of your online resources from blogs to your website.

To be an effective online marketer, you need to keep up with technology. Adjusting your marketing methods for mobile devices will make your strategies more successful. Consider the tips in this article as you look towards ways to reach out to customers on mobile phone. They’ll help to ensure that whatever marketing methods you use are effective.

Make sure that you offer your consumers an easy way to opt out of mobile marketing messages. When sending out messages for mobile marketing, let your customers know that you are sending out messages for a special mobile marketing promotion. Incorporate your mobile marketing campaign with other media outlets. Attempt to incorporate your mobile marketing with the other online resources that you utilize. Adapting your marketing approaches for mobile devices will make your strategies more successful.

Client Acquisition Specialists and Efficiency Based Marketing

TheMediaCrew is a leading performance-based marketing company with allowing innovation that links marketers to customers through a thorough set of e-mail marketing and online media services. Their competence lives in internet marketing, client acquisition, e-mail delivery, list building, banner advertising and affiliate marketing. The mission of this business is to help business or individuals to conduct an effective marketing projects reaching responsive consumers, using the power of contextual marketing.

Is a world leader in performance based marketing focusing on confirmed opt-in e-mail marketing and online advertising services. TheMediaCrew, established in 1999, has evolved as a leading complete online advertising agency. They likewise power premier online affiliate marketing networks and supplies full service lead generation, banner advertising, agency focusing on customer retention and performance based marketing.

Coregistration leads and co-registration services have been a well concealed for too long. They utilize likewise contextual advertising which is in many ways the current online marketing technological advance and enables a company to place advertisements in significant sites and websites that are carrying relevant material for their product or service.

They created a tested formula to assist grow services. Harnessing cutting edge innovations, shown internet marketing solutions, personalized client service, and complete project modification including email marketing or list building in order to help create the ideal internet marketing campaign for you.

Through superior technology and unequaled client service, they take part in the growth of their clients services and help them ensure the complete satisfaction of their customers. Backed by an unwavering dedication to client success hundreds of business have chosen to help develop earnings streams, consumer self-confidence, long-lasting trust and loyalty.

Committed and experienced professionals are devoted to the success of customers online marketing campaigns. They delve into your organisation to comprehend your requirements and objectives. They provide a number of scalable online marketing services which will give your service the highest possible ROI.

TheMediaCrew is a leading performance-based marketing business with making it possible for innovation that connects marketers to consumers through an extensive set of e-mail marketing and online media services. Their knowledge resides in online marketing, consumer acquisition, e-mail delivery, lead generation, banner marketing and affiliate marketing. They likewise power premier online affiliate marketing networks and offers complete service lead generation, banner advertising, agency specializing in client retention and performance based marketing.

Costs Of Entering Mobile Marketing

Being accustomed to traditional marketing has raised hesitations about the effectiveness of mobile marketing versus its expenses. The novelty of mobile marketing is preventing its large spread use in business questioning the expenditure via-Ã -vi the delivery of outcomes in the marketing sphere. The reality of the matter expenses of doing mobile marketing is least understood.
What marketers fail to understand is that mobile marketing permits the brand name to reach individuals any place they are. They are no longer tied to passively press the message when individuals are in front of the tv, listening to the radio or checking out the paper. Online marketers are provided an unique opportunity to push the message in targeted situations where the product placements are of excellent advantage to consumers.

The single most significant mistake of marketers in utilizing mobile marketing is to abandon all their other efforts. They would rather position their eggs in one basket. Mobile marketing is only one of the channels where the message will be sent to customers. Keeping other channels is essential for a healthy marketing operation. It is important that mobile marketing is integrated into the marketing mix. Now, know that mobile marketing is about engagement and feedback with the minimal expense to the company. For this reason, it’s considered an effective tool for small businesses since of the relatively small financial investment.

These expensive marketing sorties include how to get feedback and obtaining information on certain performance metrics. If you are simply trying out the waters there are companies that can assist you with beginning a modest mobile marketing campaign.

Now, what’s the cost gon na be? Know that mobile marketing includes just how much expense per cost or click per mile you are expecting to generate. This is essential in factoring what does it cost? financial investment you are willing to position for mobile marketing efforts. In order to make sense of the costs, it is essential the online marketer is able to discuss the worth of the project and how it works to have a robust roi. A company may pay from $.05 to $.20 per message sent, which actually depends upon the volume of sent out messages. A business may need extra costs for some resources. It is affordable to have this additional resource shared with other companies. The sharing of this resource does not impact the results that you can obtain from mobile marketing.
For little services, it is crucial to get in touch with a mobile marketing company. There are online tools that small businesses can utilize to get some traction on mobile marketing. There are a lot of firms that are ready to work with little enterprises and create a strategy and a plan to totally harness the power of mobile marketing.

Being accustomed to standard marketing has actually raised hesitations about the efficiency of mobile marketing versus its expenses. The novelty of mobile marketing is preventing its broad spread usage in companies questioning the expenditure vis-Ã -vis the shipment of outcomes in the marketing sphere. It is important that mobile marketing is integrated into the marketing mix. Now, understand that mobile marketing is about engagement and feedback with the least possible expense to the company. Know that mobile marketing includes how much cost per click or cost per mile you are expecting to generate.

Affiliate Marketing- the Stepchild of Online Marketing

The genuine step-child of internet marketing is affiliate marketing, an attempted and relied on approach for producing sales and advertising sites or items online. Numerous e-commerce sites owe a good deal to affiliate marketing methods– specifically and CDNOW’s WebBuy system. Affiliate marketing is a highly efficient method to develop brand name awareness and produce leads and company.

In the early days of the web when affiliate marketing began (about late 1994) most merchants made usage of a Cost-Per-Click system (known as CPC or CPM) where an affiliate made cash from every click to the merchant’s website created from the affiliate’s website. 80% of affiliate marketing is now on a cost-per-sale basis, where the affiliate receives commission for every real SALE created on the merchant’s website that is due to a referral from the affiliate– and the last 19% of affiliate marketing is on a cost-per-action basis, where the affiliate receives a revenue-share if the person referred from their website in fact signs up or subscribes with the merchant’s site.

Affiliate marketing is done through different types of techniques or publisher websites – blogs and RSS feeds becoming quite a primary method, in addition to shopping and comparison sites, commitment sites and others.

Mobile Marketing

But, if you’re part of the other 99.9% of the world, who isn’t super hyper about this internet marketing stuff,” you’ll probably have never heard of this man.

If you would like to boost internet sales and traffic to your company website, it will be best to contact our Phoenix marketing agency. Give us a couple of minutes of your own time and start watching your standing and profits soar! By selecting CreatiVants for your Phoenix internet marketing agency, you will be taking the first step toward getting your company in a primary position for elite internet search engine results.

Too many marketers get on Tumblr and social networks other than facebook, too eager to get straight to the money. They attempt to do this by sharing links every other post. In actual fact they are alienating people; not making many sales in the process, so it’s really not worth it in the long run. The trouble is some of these folks do make some sales, and they would rather jig along making scarce sales and alienating the people they should be courting, so they pigeon hole themselves into staying just making a few sales here and there.

{}A recent study found b2b digital marketing spend is expected to increase by 15% over the next three years. Right now, the top priorities of these businesses are brand and positioning, lead generation and brand communication. But in the next few years there’s likely to be a shift. It’s anticipated that understanding buyers, marketing technology tools and market competitor analysis will each make their way to the top of the list. (Just FYI – we think customer insight is moving up the charts faster than that!).

There are a number of agencies that actually focus on web or digital marketing. You could become confused by needing to select which one will be able to suit your demands and accomplish this with worthwhile outcomes. Picking the unsuitable agency can cause you costly promotional campaigns and needless anxiety over missed chances and failed online strategies. Handle your selection just like you would deal with any investment: earnestly and carefully.

Internet Marketing For Smart People

I help Private Practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing strategies.

The course is a continuation of MBA 520 Accounting and Financial Analysis and focuses on effective business decisions using quantitative and qualitative data, microeconomic and macroeconomic variables, and internal financial priorities. The students refine operational and investment decision-making skills with respect to organizational sustainability and growth, mergers, debt vs. equity funding and capital markets. In addition, students are exposed to foreign currencies, foreign direct investment (FDI), and international trade.

I admit that I’m one of the sources of that bouncing. With the rate of change occurring in the marketing world, I think describing what we do is something that isn’t really satisfied by just one phrase. Content, Search, Inbound, Multi-Channel, Integrated, all seem to have their place, but Digital” seems to express what most companies are creating in their marketing right now.

Referrals are a cost effective way to develop your managed services business. If a customer is sufficiently happy with your service to refer a new client to you, they have done a good amount of the selling for you in advance. Your referrals have more of an impact than any other marketing approach or advertisement. Have you looked at your referral program recently? Perhaps it’s time to evaluate and calculate the value of your referrals and develop a program that rewards current customers and clients for sending new business to you.{}

The course focuses on personnel management at all levels: individual, team, and internal and external networks. With an emphasis on interpersonal skills, as well as strength-finders, students will learn essential concepts in conflict management, negotiations, and development of creative culture. Students will also learn how to establish productive relationships, motivate people, align teams and individuals to a vision, and drive change.